Why you should have a series of micro ambitious goals

Because big ambitious goals simply takes too long and nobody ain’t got time for that.

There’s something about big ambitious goals that doesn’t sit quite right with me. We set them. We fail. We set them again. We fail again. After some time, we eventually give up all together. Give me some claps if you agree.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that I wish to break for myself.

After examining my own habits, routines and series of actions and inactions that lead to my yearly goals remaining unaccomplished, I’ve decided to do something a little bit differently. This year, I’ve decided to set a series of micro ambitious goals on a daily and weekly basis.

Test your goals.

In the world of startups, being able to bring a product to market as quickly as possible allows the company to test and validate their ideas. Micro ambitious goals follows the same principle — small bite sized goals that can be completed in one day (and slightly bigger micro ambitious goals are goals that can be completed in one week).

Each time you complete a micro goal, you’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve failed at your micro goal, perhaps the task is too big, too hard, to long, or lacking in resources. Each time you succeed, you know what you’ve got to do to make it work.

Micro goals are a series of steps towards your big ambitious goals

When you have a big ambitious goal, it’s often hard to see the end. With micro ambitious goals, you’re building up towards that final goal you want to achieve.

The Japanese call it Kaizen (the act of continuously improving), others may know it as improving 1% every day. In finance, it’s called compound interest and in self improvement it’s called progress.

To continuously set achievable micro goals, you are putting yourself a little closer towards your desired outcome. Weather it be to do 15 minutes of yoga each day or eat a little less sugar, small and consistent actions eventually adds up to large outcomes.

It’s all about adjustment

For those who want dramatic change by making dramatic changes in their lives, the transition is often met with failure. This is because your mind, body and environment isn’t set up for it quite yet. You make the change but your physical and mental self can’t make the same adjustment and fail to adapt.

Big goals are stressful. They often seem daunting and will power to achieve such a task is not sustainable long time, especially when progress is slow.

Micro goals are small in size and looks no further than the current day you are living in. Sure, for slightly bigger micro goals, it may take a week, but nothing more than that. For those of us that still has a weak discipline muscle, the smaller the current goals, the better.

Life doesn’t work in big leaps but a series of small and consistent actions over time. A series of achieved micro goals helps us transition into a new lifestyle, a new mindset and a new way of doing things. It becomes a habit that is built up over time and gears you for success.

So set your micro goals today and do them consistently. It’s alright if you fail them here and there but always pick them back up. It’s better you fail at your micro goals and know that you can always try again tomorrow rather than giving up on a big ambitious goal 2 months into it.

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