Why It’s Important To Have A Personal Vision

Because without one, you’re just living the default life

It took me a while to figure out what exactly I want in life. I went through the superficial, copy what everyone else is doing phase, then an attempt to ‘find myself’ phase, followed by an existential crisis phase — eventually emerging with a personal vision to guide me towards the pursuit of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness is a concept defined as a fundamental right in the Declaration of Independence — yet many of us ignore the enormity of this by living a default life.

We wake up, we go to work and we do the things that social media demands from us. Rarely do we actually pursue the things that make us internally happy.

I’m not talking about the short term pursuits that we may participate in like binge-watching 8 seasons of a TV show.

I’m talking about the deep stuff.

The things that feed your soul daily and makes you want to jump out of bed.

Life without a vision is the default life

It’s easy. That’s why many of us do it.

We accept the roles that were imprinted on us as children and later enforced by society.

Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

We stay in jobs we hate to pay the bills, cover the rent and make sure that there’s food on the table.

We make up excuses. We tell ourselves that this self imposed suffering is only for a few years, which then turns into four or five decades, then we will do the things that we truly want to do.

But that’s where we go wrong.

There is no guarantee that your dream life is achievable twenty, thirty or even forty years down the line.

There is no guarantee that you’ll even live that long. Sure, on average, the adult life expectancy has increased dramatically — but so has health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Why are you paying the price of living a default life when you can live the life you want now?

Companies have vision statements to keep focused, so why shouldn’t you have one too?

A company is viewed as having the same rights as a person in the eyes of the law (minus a few things like the ability to get married) — also known as corporate personhood.

A vision statement defines the why and how of a company’s existence. It allows for its employees to know exactly the purpose of its existence. It keeps everyone focused on a singular path towards the final and grand scheme goal.

A vision statement is like the soul of the company.

Without one, those working in such a space would be lost and everyone scattered without a clear purpose. Conflicts are most likely to arise as personal agendas starts to take front and center.

When you have no personal vision, you’re just meandering through life without a clear direction or end goal. Your loyalty to yourself is scattered or is non-existent as you live to serve your job, the expectations of others and short term gains.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. — Helen Keller

When you have no personal vision, then you’re just living life as-is.

Oh the Places You’ll Go…

If you’ve ever lived in the fantasy land of Instagram feeds, then you’ll know that there is a certain truth about it — we all crave a life that we don’t have.

Yet, many of us rarely do anything about it.

We live vicariously through the lives of others, only to return to our same old, repetitive boring ones after an hour or two of scrolling. We envy them and momentarily try to recreate it with our own social media posts — feeding the vicious cycle for everyone else around us.

Yet, we continue to feel somewhat empty inside.

Having a personal vision clears out the clutter that we think society requires from us to be liked, to be popular and to be happy.

The likes and hearts means nothing but a game of numbers.

Somewhere along the lines, we’ve become obsessed with showing the world that we’ve made it in life — especially when we haven’t.

We’re too busy making everyone else jealous of a life that we personally dislike.

The happiness we portray is simply a lie.

And that’s why having a personal vision is important — it helps us focus on the things that really matter.

Having a personal vision clears out the clutter that we think society requires from us to be liked, to be popular and to be happy.

It’s time for you to figure out what your personal vision is

Your personal vision is the internal desire that you’ve felt for a long time but is too afraid to put into words.

It’s the desire to pursue something much grander and much more internal. It’s the feelings that you’ve rejected and ignored over the many years of growing into adulthood — it’s the things that you’ve always wanted to do but have given up because of ‘adult things’.

Your personal vision is something that feeds your dying soul.

It’s not a monetary value.

It’s not a time based thing.

It’s a perpetually moving yet achievable goal.

Mine is summed up in the word balance — financially, physically and emotionally.

It is the balance of these three things I am in pursuit of — it is my definition pursuit of personal happiness. It is my vision for myself and what I want to become.

You’ll know exactly when you’ve figured out what your personal vision is. It’s intrinsically selfish and yet nourishing. It cares not about the outside world but only your personal growth, health and true happiness.

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