Why I no longer carry a wallet — not really

I stopped carrying around a wallet when I was in my early twenties. Much to my mother’s horror and many females I meet, I also don’t usually have a handbag, bag or any kind of carrying device. Occasionally, I wear a small cross body bag, only because I don’t have pockets.

I live in a house filled with stuff. My desk is covered with stuff. Every corner I look and turn has stuff. During my university years, my wallet would also be filled with stuff as well.

And when it came to hunting down my bus card, it was a mission that could take up to 10 minutes.

It was ridiculous and unnecessarily stressful, especially when it comes to getting on public transport and I don’t have back up money. Well, actually, I do — it’s just somewhere in my bag.

The excess I carried around equated to increased physical weight over time. Old receipts. Make up I didn’t use or wear. Pens. Paper. Even a calculator at one point. Someone I know once had a golf ball tucked away for a rainy day — not sure what for, but just in case.

Then one day, I just decided to take out 3 cards that I needed and wedge them into the back casing of my phone.

And that was it.

The liberation, the lightness and the freedom I felt was unfounded. I could freely walk down a street without my shoulders aching from the straps of my handbag.

At first, I felt naked after years of constantly carrying around crap. But then I re-evaluated my situation and saw how much easier men have it — nothing to carrying around except the essentials. It was only a slim wallet, the car keys and phone.

There’s something about the female DNA that requires us to consume and be in excess. Maybe it’s just me and the people around me. Men are ingrained to keep it simple — proven by the lack of choices available for male accessories. There are whole department stores dedicated to handbags but you will never see one for male wallets.

I took it one step further and now don’t have a wallet, not in the traditional sense. My phone is my wallet and it makes me curate out what is not truly necessary and important. After a week of this endeavor, the only thing I added was my coffee loyalty card.

The decision to be handbag and wallet free saved me a large amount of mental processing, searching, stress, cursing and the messiness that is me. It is my little tribute and appreciation to minimalism, which I hope to implement to other parts of my life.

Four years on and I have no regrets in discarding my wallet. It’s saved me the fortune that I would have spent on fancy containers for my receipts and assortment of carry around crap. It keeps me mindful of what I carry and really appreciate dresses that have pockets even more.

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