The Life Of An Entrepreneur

And the beginnings of greatness

It takes a certain amount of crazy to choose the path of the entrepreneur. You see things that no one else can see or refuses to see. You choose to believe in things that no one else will believe. You have the courage to take risks and opportunities when everyone around you takes the safety net of a day job.

When you live the life an entrepreneur, you create your own day job.

Except, there’s no guarantee of a steady pay day — or that you’ll even get paid at all. You put in your own money, your own time, your own everything with the blind yet calculating faith that it will all work out.

Everyone sees the success for those that make it. Everyone sees the Bill Gates, the Steve Jobs and the Mark Zukerbergs. They see the cash, the mansions, the pretty cars and luxuries that comes with enormous amounts of money. But no one really looks at the life of an entrepreneur at the very beginning.

Sure, there’s the struggle and motivational porn we all watch and worship in the beginning like Gary Vee and Tim Ferris.

Then we go through a phase of self doubt, self talk, half arse attempts or just plain blown our life’s savings on some get rich quick scheme like dropshipping.

And that’s where many of us entrepreneurial wannabes go wrong — we are in love with the idea of having money but never quite understand that to sustainably get to where we want to be, we have to love the process that generates us the money.

Figuring out that money making process for your particular niche is your journey towards being a successful entrepreneur. If your process isn’t creating as much money as you want or not at the speed you need it to generate, then your process is not quite right.

Marketing is a process. Sourcing products is a process. Researching and deciding which products to get/design/make/commission is also a process. Once the process has been cracked, then it’s just rinse, repeat and scale up.

I once sat in an English class next to a girl that wanted to be a writer. She loved the idea of being famous like J.K.Rowling but hated the idea of actually sitting down and writing. She wanted to publish novels, to go on book tours, do public signings and everything else other than do the thing she needs to do.

Being an entrepreneur is like being a writer. You actually have to do the day to day things — especially in the beginning when you’ve got very limited funds and living on instant noodles.

In the beginning, you are the accountant, the marketer, the decision maker, the person that moves the projects along, the hustler, the networker, the person that spends 10–14 hours each day doing what you need to do to get things done.

You are, in essence, everything.

Because without you and the processes you’re constructing and conducting, there is no business. So learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do — because in the beginning, you are every department out of necessity. Once you have it all figured out, then the first phase of your entrepreneurial journey is over and then its onwards to second phase.

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