Starting from zero

It’s kind of strange to begin from the beginning all over again.

Two months ago, I was made redundant from a job I stuck with because it paid the bills. I initially jumped right back into the job market, but after realizing that I will never actually get to see my baby with a 9–5 (which is more like a 7–7 if you count in commute), the whole traditional climb to the top just doesn’t work any more.

There’s something about working for someone else that no longer appeals to me. Sure, there’s a constant paycheck every week in the bank and there’s the illusion of security, but the inability to do what I want, when I want will be an impossible task. Perhaps this is motherhood changing me.

Or perhaps motherhood itself is rediscovering a part of me that desires to be free from the social expectations to ‘get a job’.

Or perhaps I am just part of the wave of Millennials that are rebelling and redefining the image of ‘work’ itself by looking to create my own opportunities on my own terms. Who knows?

Eight years ago, I was at ground zero and playing a different kind of game. It was a traditional game — go to school, get a degree, get a job, work, work, work, work until my life started to sound like a Rihanna song. I climbed to the top, as far as I can go with the current resources, connections and knowledge I have.

I climbed the ladder and after the company shut its doors, I decided to stop climbing and jump off completely.

I am at the base once again, with about $35 in my pocket to begin with and I’ve managed to turn into approximately $800 since I’ve started. While it’s not quite enough to completely cover the basics of life like rent, food, electricity, water, internet and petrol, I feel like I’m onto something that has the potential to be big.

There’s something satisfying about making money on your own terms and without anyone but yourself to direct your daily decisions. I no longer have to negotiate with another on how to manage my time or how I should micro manage my work. There is a certain freedom in entrepreneurship and a sense of accomplishment that can’t be had when I was working for someone else.

There is ownership in what I do and the sense that no one can take it away from me.

Presently, the gig ticks the three boxes I need — time, space and baby mobility. Now I just need to scale it in a way that allows me to check the final box and that box is financial sustainability. Currently, I’ve reinvested most of the profits made back into the business, with the rest covering petrol and parts of the groceries. Now I just need to make enough to cover all the other stuff with a bit of surplus.

So here I am at ground zero and living life on my own terms (as much as I can) and redefining my version of ‘work’. While it’s not making me my old paycheck just yet, it has the potential to make more.

Last time it took me 8 years to get to almost a 6-figure paycheck. I’ve stopped playing that game now and wonder if I can do it all again from the beginning but in a year — on my own terms, in my own hours and with a baby crawling around.

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