Sometime it’s better to be silent

Relationships fail not because of one single thing, but a collection of many things. You know it’s the end of something when the other person has given up completely.

They fall silent. They stop doing things. They turn into a stranger whose presence is not present. Their lives become something of a separate entity and you know, deep down, that it’s not going to work.

So you talk and talk and talk and try to work it out. But the more you voice your thoughts, your opinions and words, the more the other half seems to fade away. They turn their face. They begin to filter out your voice.

Sometimes, it’s better to be silent too, to let them hear the sound of their own voice.

Sometimes, they might not say anything at all.

Sometimes, they’re just tired of everything and want the silence.

Sometimes, it’s better to sit quietly and just listen to what they have to say.

Sometimes, they just want to be heard and let the unhappy parts of who they are out.

Sometimes, you just need to realize that it’s not all about you — it’s about the other person too.

Sometimes, it’s better that once you become strangers, you make the effort to discover who the stranger is rather than try and turn them into someone they once were.

And if you don’t like that new person, it’s ok to walk away.

Or you’ve discovered that they haven’t really changed at all and that it’s all you.

People shift, their identities move and personalities develops and this includes you too.

Sometimes, there may have been so much of you that the other person lost themselves over time.

Sometimes, they’re silent because they just want who they are back.

Sometimes, its better to be silent and let them speak. Let them be. Let them reemerge.

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