Some days it’s just better to shut out the noise and do your own thing

I seriously need to turn LinkedIn notifications off.

In fact, I just need to turn every notification off. I’ve decided that I will give certain social medias my attention when they are worthy of my time.

About 2 months ago I vowed to do my own thing and while the universe is helping me out by giving me the necessary things I need, social networks seems to be doing the opposite for me.

I got an email today from LinkedIn asking me to congratulate an old university classmate on their new promotion. She’s recently moved from senior recruiter to director of some company. 27 must be a common age for everyone to be getting promotions nowadays. It’s moments like these when you’re at ground zero that you begin to doubt yourself. Everyone else is moving up the career ladder while you’re building everything from scratch.

While there is a tad bit (well, quite a bit) of envy stirring inside me, I had to step back and remind myself that I am walking a different path.

LinkedIn is not a bad place. In fact, it can be a really great way to network with others who are on the same journey and path as you in terms of career.

Except for me there is no career and I’m not climbing the ladder anymore — only an open field where I can do whatever I want with it. In the long run, they just have a ladder while I’ll have an orchard.

You can do a lot more with an orchard than a ladder.

One thing for sure, once the produce is in fruit, I can transform it into a much bigger amount of cash than a ladder can ever provide.

There is more potential in growing and maintaining and orchard than climbing a ladder — and it is this that I need to constantly remind myself.

I am at ground zero, currently toiling the soil, planting and watering my seeds.

And when these seeds grow I will be there for the harvest while everyone else watches from high above on their ladders.

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