8 ‘Secrets’ To Getting Rich Revealed

(it’s only a secret because you don’t know)

For my amusement, I sat in on one of those internet ‘free seminars’ that promised to make me oodles of money by doing very little. We’re talking big, 7-figures in a month kind of deal for just a few clicks of a button.

It wasn’t the images of Ferraris and mansions that enticed me. Nor was it salesman like guys in their mid-twenties throwing around banknotes like monopoly money. I sat in because I was curious. I wanted to know what the promised ‘free secrets’ were. Within five minutes of listening to the guy persistently promising to tell me everything he knows, out came the sales pitch:

For the low, low price of $600 (price slashed from $2000), I can have it all. The thing with secrets is that it’s only a secret because you don’t know. The guy never got around to revealing his secrets. He was too busy trying to sell the other 275 people that got suckered in through the Instagram ad.

And that’s the secret to his secrets. If he had a 1% conversion rate, he would have made $1200 for an overpriced PDF. I didn’t buy any of his stuff. In part, because I already knew the answers to what he promised to show and teach.

***Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the ‘secret’ services revealed here, nor do I get any monetary gain from them

“I can teach you how to create beautiful graphics for free!”

It’s called Canva.

The free version can get you up and running with visually appealing graphics quickly. There’s not much skill required, and there are already pre-designed templates to help you out. They’ve got an excellent selection of curated fonts and a decent amount of free graphics.

However, if you don’t want to look the same as everything else that’s circulating the internet, unlocking the additional fonts and premium features can be worthwhile.

But if you’re budgeted, the free version will do just fine.

“For a small price, I can show you how to make 100 Twitter posts in 10 minutes!”

It’s called Hootsuite.

You get to pre-schedule all your social media posts using a single interface. The free plan lets you do 30 at a time. The paid plan unlocks the unlimited scheduling feature and costs about $29 a month.

There are other alternative social scheduling services such as Loomly and SproutSocial.

Shop around for the best deal that suits your need. Or you can just keep using Hootsuite’s free version. Sometimes, 30 posts in advance are all you need.

“I can show you how to make a free eCommerce store and make $10,000 in sales on your first week!”

It’s called Shopify.

They have a free 14-day trial version that comes with a shopname.shopify.com domain. While that’s great to test and trial out Shopify’s platform, having an online store alone won’t make you your $10,000.

This is the sales pitch to every get-rich-quick scheme in existence — with variations on the amount you make.

If you listen closely, they will always emphasize revenue and never profit.

That’s because the technique they use involves spending your life savings on ads that may or may not convert to a store that doesn’t even have its own dedicated domain name.

Revenue is what you make. Profit is revenue minus expenses.

If you really want to make $10,000 in sales on your first week, you’ll need to have a dedicated fanbase or have a product that’s uniquely fantastic in some way with a good amount of right publicity attached to its launch.

Other than that, be prepared to go into deficit experimenting with keywords and demographic targeting. You’ll make your $10,000 revenue eventually. Profit via this method is not guaranteed.

“I can show you how to use a service that will give you 20,000 instant followers”

Never buy followers.

While big numbers might impress you, buying followers won’t change the number of real followers you have.

It will just inflate your numbers and give you a false sense of achievement.

When you buy followers, you don’t have an audience. You just have a bunch of bots that skews platform algorithms towards more bot followers. Then the next thing you know, you’re tweeting, instagramming, and snap chatting to digital crickets.

Digital crickets won’t be able to buy anything from you because they’re not real.

The argument that a large following can eventually attract real people is a fallacy. If you don’t know how to gain an audience when you were a nobody, you won’t know how to do it with 20,000 fake followers to your name.

Work on figuring out your content, your vibe, your hashtags, and ways to create conversation online. That’s how you get real followers.

“I will show you how to use Facebook and reach over a million people”

It’s called Facebook ads.

Spend enough money and you’ll definitely reach over a million people. If it amounts to anything is another discussion.

Before you start thinking about reach on Facebook, you need to define your purpose. This will be your metric and measure of success against what you’ve spent.

For example, if you spent $0.01 per person reached, then a million people will cost you $10,000.

You then need to define what counts as a conversion?

Is it when someone clicks through to your shop/site/profile? Or is it when someone interacts/buys/like/share your item?

This will help you determine if your $10,000 is worth the spend.

From here, determine what your target conversion rate is. If it’s 1% conversion rate that results in $10 profit, then there’s a high chance that you’ll make a profit on your advertisement investment.

If you’re new to Facebook ads, just take note that a portion of your advertising budget will be spent on figuring out how the system works.

“I can show you how to sell your course through Instagram”

It’s called buying ad space through influencer accounts.

Not all influencers are equal. If you really want to use influencer marketing, look if they’ve got a community.

If someone has 20,000 followers and no engagement, then they might just be an influencer to bots and digital crickets.

“I can give you the exact blueprint I use to make $23492.28 per day!”

This secret blueprint often involves scamming others or spending all your money on advertising to funnel traffic to your dropshipping store.

It only works if you’ve got a lot of money to burn.

“I can teach you how to sell without having any inventory”

There’s legitimate dropshipping and then there’s Aliexpress dropshipping.

Legitimate dropshipping is when you actually talk to your suppliers, work out a deal of some sort and you act as the transaction facilitator. Your product is legit — meaning it has quality or some sort of sales point to it like being handmade or a locally produced product.

It’s called white labeling if you remove their branding. Aliexpress dropshipping is taking the exact photo from the site, putting it on yours, and placing a markup on it. It’s cheap. It’s everywhere. And your customers will probably get the product 2 months later from China.

You don’t have to hold any inventory for both methods, but one is better than the other if you want to build a long-term business.

Final thoughts

Let’s get real — there is no get-rich-quick scheme. There’s only get-scammed-quick scheme.

All the ‘secrets’ revealed above comes from my past interactions with marketing people, reading books, following people who give their ideas away for free, and Google.

Anything that’s worthwhile takes time. To become a millionaire is figuring out how to make money without spending it all at the same time. Ferraris and mansions can be rented for photos nowadays. So don’t get swindled by anyone that promises you everything by doing nothing.

What you’re after is not a million bucks. A million bucks in central New York is worth less than a million bucks in Thailand. What you’re after is financial freedom — which is the ability to do whatever you want while having the time to do it.

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