Never settle for mediocre

Or it will haunt your children forever

Never settle for mediocre, or it will haunt your children forever

They will look upon your face with fond memories of lost dreams

Of frustrations

Of fears

Of the monsters that never existed

Never settle for mediocre, for it will follow you wherever you go

It will determine your future, your inability to move beyond the walls of your own creation

It will be the same day job, over and over again

It will be the same people, the same faces and spaces

Never settle for mediocre, for it is the death of creative energy

Of stories untold

Of magic and mysteries that will dissipate with you

Never settle for mediocre for it is the test of the gods

Or God, if you are inclined that way

It is the test your worthiness, to help you get over your sense of being an impostor

The friction that sands the surface before the finishing touch of paint

Never settle for mediocre

Because the world is full of mediocrity

Of people accepting their prescribed fate instead of creating their own

Of complaints, of the mundane, of doing nothing to change despite wanting change

And lastly,

Never settle for mediocre, for you are born free

Free to grow

Free to learn

Free to fall into good fortune, if you allow yourself such an opportunity.

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Editor of Hustle Thrive Grow. On a quest to become a better human and documenting the journey in digital ink.

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