Know your worth and then ask for it

Have you ever felt like you’re giving your services away? Like you’re working for almost nothing?

But you’re afraid to ask for more. We often undervalue ourselves.

You worry about what your client or boss may think. You worry that you’ll get rejected — that you are not worth what they think you’re worth.

How you perceive your own worth determines your take home paycheck. Many of us are uncomfortable about communicating our worth. This leads to lower pay, less confidence in our abilities to perform our jobs and lowered sense of self.

We project what we believe we are

People pick up on these cues and judge your value based on confidence and what we portray.

We put ourselves down purposefully to appear less egotistical, less forward, less pushy. Perhaps it’s what we’ve been taught growing up — to undervalue ourselves to show humility.

For whatever reasons, undervaluing your worth impacts your life in more ways than you expect.

When you undervalue your worth, you are projecting less of what you truly are. You hold back your potential, missing out on opportunities and dampening your personal growth.

In short — when you undervalue your worth, you are sabotaging yourself needlessly.

Determine your worth and embrace it

This means figuring out what is it that makes you different and valuable.

Why does your client, boss need you? What special and unique skills do you contribute to the job? How vital do you feel you are the organization? What knowledge do you have that no one else does? How much is your time worth?

“No one will ever pay you what you’re worth. They’ll only pay you what they think you’re worth and you control their thinking” — Casey Brown

Once you’ve figured out the above, determine the image you want to project and believe in it.

You may feel like an impostor, but you are not. You are the sum of your skills, experiences and life decisions. Determine what these things have shaped you into who you are and what you want to be today, tomorrow, next month, next year. Make a mental road map of who your future self is and become that future self as soon as possible.

Why put the valuation of your worth in the hands of others?

Why be at the mercy of other people’s judgement? It’s your worth. You know yourself, what you can do and what you are capable of the best. Why not take ownership of it, determine your value and own it?

Don’t wait. Determine your worth and ask for it. The worst thing that can happen when you don’t ask is a missed opportunity.

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