How to live on instant noodles the right way

We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. I did it during my University years and contemplated doing it again in these past few months. But living only on instant noodles goes against the balance I’m trying to achieve.

When money is tight, the first thing I often skimp and save on is food. I grab the cheapest and most processed thing we can find. Even when money isn’t tight, eating like crap is an easy thing to do and less mental load on my already busy brains.

Eat nutrient rich foods, get rich faster

Over the past few years, I stopped viewing different types of food as good and bad. At the end of the day, it’s all just chemicals used by our bodies to generate an output.

Instead, I’ve shifted my mindset to macro and micro nutrition — not because I’m on some special diet but because it allows me to eat whatever I want in a mindful manner.

When I eat mindfully, I am conscious about how the things I consume impacts my ability plan, think, react, process, analyse and do. Over the years, I find that when my diet consists of instant noodles and nothing much else, my body feels lethargic and my brain moves at the speed of a racing snail. My motivation to do anything in general over time plummets to an all time low and negative thoughts quickly fuels my outlook on life. It doesn’t take long for me to mentally flip a table after that.

When I eat the things that are good for my ability to function, my ability to do the things I need to do to make money is much more efficient.

There’s a reason why our ancestors eat the things they did — natural, mostly unprocessed and cooked in the most simplest forms. There’s also a reason why our taste buds likes the taste of good gravy and why we salivate at the smell of a slow cooked Sunday roast. Our biology is primed to consume nutrients. We use the chemicals provided to function.

Eating modern packaged food is as good as filling your car with water mixed petrol. It may seem cheaper and I may get more volume but I get less mileage if any at all.

Macros and Micros

Macros is the bulk stuff you eat like carbs, protein and fats. They’re the main fuel that keeps you fuller for longer.

Trust me, a bag of potatoes is cheap. A bag of potato chips is super expensive if we go by volume.

Micros is all the other stuff that you need to function properly. They’re the trace elements that our bodies use in small quantities. They’re the stuff you find in fruit and vegetables. You don’t even have to eat that much, just a handful a day is enough to keep you going through the hard times.

Your brain is your most important asset

My brain is what I eat.

If I eat only potato chips, then my brain will feel like a potato — slow, lethargic and not wanting to do anything in particular.

If I consume only energy drinks, then my brain will be in constant over drive. The high and speed may feel great at first but the faster I go, the bigger the crash.

Baked potatoes on the other hand. Now that’s different. That stuff has some hearty good meat in it.

My brain is my most important asset (not playing favorites to all my other vital organs like heart, liver and lungs). Without my brain,my quest to make it as an entrepreneur will most likely take much longer and my ability to function in such an environment will be reduced.

So I’m taking care of my brain by feeding it the good stuff. It is the money making machine after all.

It’s not about eating healthy

I’m not going to tell you to go vegan or take up some special diet. I’m not going to tell you to go out and splash your life’s savings at Whole Foods either.

I’m currently living on a diet of instant noodles — but not the kind that you’re used to.

In fact, I grew up on instant noodles — the better way.

If you’ve ever watched Japanese Anime or seen a proper bowl of noodles, that stuff is filled with an assortment of other things like meatballs, seaweed, veges, tofu and anything else you can imagine. A bowl of noodles is meant to be a complete meal and not eaten on its own.

That’s where most people trying to save money on their meals go wrong.

Instant noodles is only supposed to be the macro base and not a complete meal by itself. It’s not that hard to throw in a handful of green things or an egg to give your brain a boost. Carrots are cheap, along with whatever is in the produce isle and on sale. It’s not that hard. No skills needed. And if you get the right kind of greens, it’ll probably shrink into oblivion anyway in the microwave.

To me, each instant noodle creation is caloric and nutritional masterpiece.

A decent meal = money saved

Diabetes is not fun. Skin psoriasisis not any better. The same goes for constipation, insomnia, constant hunger, feeling bloated and most of your bodily issues.

Going to the doctors for those issues is not fun either for both you and your wallet. Then there’s the on-going medication that comes with it.

When I eat all the things that I physically need, then I’m less prone to getting sick or having my body fail on me in some way. It’s easier to nurture and keep my macro and micro nutrients in a good spot than try to fix it with medication and supplements.

It’s easier and cheaper to spend $2 on a packet of frozen mix veges for the week than sit for an hour in the doctor’s waiting room then to be prescribed some medication to fix whatever aliment I came down with.

I’m eating for my brain and an alertness that cannot be solved with coffee. Better brain function means I’m able to do the things I need to do better.

Instant noodles may be the road that paves broke, young entrepreneurs into millionaires (as seen in the movies) — but at least do it right. Throw in some veges and an egg. Such a simple little thing can make the biggest difference.

Either that or get yourself some wholegrain bread and make a good sandwich that’s more than just peanut butter and jelly.

Invest a little to make a lot more — faster and better.

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