Don’t play the victim to your circumstances, play the survivor instead

That’s the only way to win in the game of life

A lot of things can hamper our ability to succeed. There are only ever two ways to respond and that is to be the victim or move onwards and forward.

Our circumstances, our upbringing, our everything has the potential to knock us off our feet or sweep us away from that which we are trying to achieve. It happens and the moment we accept this fact, we can begin the process of learning to stand up and take the first steps again.

There is no prince. There is no one coming to rescue you but there is always you. The boat is sinking and there are holes everywhere. Only you are physically there to do anything about it.

We are always in control — even when we think we are not. Even when things just seem to fall apart from every angle, we always have the ability to control our we respond.

The moment we allow ourselves to play the role of the victim, we give that which knocked us down power. When we play the survivor, it means that we’ve risen above the adversity we faced and the complexity of whatever the situation. When we refuse to accept our victimhood (in whatever form that victimhood may be), we put ourselves back behind the steering wheel and into a position of control.

We are what we make of our lives.

We are the sum of our actions, thoughts and output that we produce from our brains.

We are capable.

We are opportunities and potential.

We are the products of our own and personal creations.

We are journeying down the path towards a thing called success.

We are that person that refuses to settle.

To always be an adventure.

To jump even when it’s scary.

To do the things that we need to do in order to achieve what we want to achieve.

To love ourselves and do right by us.

First and always.

So work with whatever life gives you — even when it seems like a crappy deal.

Because that’s how lives change and how the things that never change, change.

Because the moment you stop playing the game of life is the moment you lose the potential to gain a new hand.

An upper hand.

A hand full of queens, kings and aces.

So play on and survive the round. Make it to the next. At some point, you’ll eventually figure it all out and win.

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