Day 9: Success comes in increments

In an age where we expect everything is instant, success isn’t one of those things.

While motivational videos and instagram posts may make it appear effortless, there is a body of work that supports those that we see as successful.

Whether it be years of writing, hours of recorded YouTube videos or reams of experience — there is always something to back up the legitimacy of the success.

Those of us who are just starting out often get discouraged when after a week or two we don’t see the expected results. We often want too much and too quickly. We are greedy for an attention that we don’t quite understand or deserve. Then we feel like frauds — empty and without meaning with the ‘success’ being achieved too quickly.

The struggle towards our personal definitions of success is what fulfills us at an internal, spiritual, financial and mental level. It’s sort of like being committed to going to the gym everyday. Abs don’t just tone themselves. Yoga bodies don’t just appear out of thin air. It takes a lifestyle — a decision to turn up each and every day in order to achieve and maintain what it is you want.

It’s more than just spending a small fortune on lycra and active wear.

Success in life is the same. We’ve got to turn up every day with no cheat days. Cheat days means that whatever it is you’re doing is not long term. Cheat days means whatever it is you’re doing is not a life long commitment. Cheat days means its only for the interim and is the slippery slope towards getting back into your old habits.

Once you get back into your old habits, then all that you’ve worked for would be slowly unraveled and undone.

Success comes with consistency because that’s how plants thrive and projects flourish. Because when you consistently commit yourself to doing something, the work you put in increments until it reaches a point that it snowballs.

And that’s when it all visibly begins for the outside world — where they see you as an instant over night success, when you are famous with a million followers and everyone knows your name. That’s when they see you flourish.

People don’t watch a tree grow. They just see the tree.

So don’t give up because what you do now already makes you successful. You just need to keep doing what you’re doing because every action, every step, every hour, minute and seconds spent will increment in size until you’ve reached a point where you’re finally acknowledged by the world around you that you’ve made it.

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