Day 8: #ManFlu — a lesson in self kindness

Man flu is real.

I don’t usually get sick. When I do I’m still a functioning human. When the other half gets sick, it’s like the end of the world where all woe is his existence.

He calls it man flu.

Today I am privileged enough to experience this ‘man flu’ and no amount of hot drinks alleviated the beautiful disaster that is me. I wanted to curl up in bed and just sleep it away but I couldn’t bring myself to do so.

There were things to do. A baby to feed and clean and bathe. A sink full of dishes. An unvacuumed floor. A dinner to make. A living room to clean. And everything else in between.

Rather than being stressed out by the realities of life and feeling like the end of the world at the same time, I compromised with a midday nap. Nothing in particular was done.

I treated myself to a series of YouTube videos, porridge and a pie — while in the back of my mind played out the delays this very untimely momentous event will hinder my journey, even by just a week or two.

So I gave myself permission to optimization one thing on my online store. It allowed me to continue forward, even if it’s just one little micro crawl at a time.

Of all my 5 years I’ve been employed, I’ve never taken a sick day. Today would have been the perfect opportunity. Except I’m working for myself now and that’s not really an option. This is must be Murphy’s Law at work.

Perhaps I’ll go to bed after this Medium post, or perhaps I’ll do a little bit more work. I’m doing what I need to do to be one step closer to where I want to be — but I also need to be kind to myself.

Forcing myself to work the full load through man flu will not make it any better or help me get to my goals faster.

I need to put myself as a priority.

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