Day 7: A Game Plan to Fail

I have two theories for my online store.

  1. Better SEO on my products will see an increase in organic traffic
  2. Better user experience will equate to an increase in sales

They seem like what every article on the internet tells you to do if you want to make money online. Except all I’ve gotten so far are vague snippets of what I really want to know and a big little $99 eBook with all the holy grail answers that will most likely tell me nothing at the bottom of the article.

I don’t think I would even call them articles. They’re more like repetitive infomercials that stalk you on Facebook and YouTube — no matter how much you click hide and delete your cookies.

So rather than spending more time trying to find the ‘answer’, I’ve decided to take a practical set of steps instead. The SEO component of my web store is not going to materialize by itself. Something needs to change and that requires human intervention — i.e. me, fingers to keyboard and brain switched on.

From what I gathered, SEO is basically search engines trying to make sense of your website and how relevant it is to their users. There’s no point in being first in a search result if you’re looking for the nearest hair dresser and instead you get pages for a kindergarten.

Relevancy is the keyword when it comes to SEO. There’s no cheat. There’s no magic code and shortcuts will only result in penalties. The last thing I want is to be on the wrong side of Google.

I just spent the entire day fixing up my user experience by making the website easier to use. Now, it’s time to up my game and go through all the images and product descriptions and change them up to be more relevant. My theory is that the more relevant ‘words’ I have for everything in every possible form — image names, alt tags, product descriptions, meta data, categorization, tagging and url naming — the more the Google Crawlers will like me.

My theory is that if the Google Crawlers like me, then Google will show my website to more people and to the right sort of people.

My theory is that if I get the right sort of people to my website, I will have more sales.

My theory is that I can increase sales through SEO without the need to spend an extortionist amount of money on advertising.

My theory is that I can do this within a week and see the impact of my changes immediately and incrementally.

My theory is that if within the week nothing happens, then it means that I’m not doing something quite right. It means that I’ve failed.

And it’s better that I take a week to fail, to learn and to readjust my game plan instead of five months to discover that all the work done amounted to nothing.

Failing fast is the ultimate game plan for everything I do.

Yesterday my online shop was globally ranked at 20 million on

Earlier today in the morning I ranked 19 million-ish.

I just checked again, I am now ranked 18,976,405.

Not quite the top 10,000 yet but I’ll take it as an improvement and a step in right direction.

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