Day 4: Revisiting my Past & Rebooting Old Projects

I have a problem.

I am a chronic starter but not quite a finisher. I would start up a project, have it all set up and running but then get disheartened when it didn’t quite get the traction I wanted at the speed I expected.

I have a total of 248 projects on my personal computer. Some date back to 2009 and I’m sure there are possibly more if I dig hard enough. Many of them were writing projects but the more recent stuff are all potential commercial things.

Rather than starting something new and adding to my long list of incompletes and half dones, I’ve decided to revisit three. They are three that are currently in a semi-active state but have been neglected. They are projects that are special enough to make it beyond the graveyards of unfinished things.

But I left them on the side. It was because I prioritized my day job above their success.

The thing is, I have this internal expectation that a money tree would magically appear each time I plant a seed. Except that’s not how business works. The ‘make it and they will come’ mentally is a horrible lie I tell myself when starting up.

There is certainty in paid employment while my fledgling babies guarantees me nothing.

They are projects that I once believed in but ran out of motivational steam after a 10 hour day at the office and after work home life.

They are projects that I’ve dug out from limbo, reassessed and re-sketched with game plans and expected outcomes.

They are projects that I don’t mind doing as part of my personal portfolio and brand.

They are projects that help me learn, help me grow and help me towards finding out exactly what I want to do with myself.

They are projects that will eventually help me pay the rent and all the other minimum required things.

They are projects that I think are putting me in the right direction for what I want.

So rather than trying to rehash an old idea into something new, I’m going to build on what I have and start watering the seeds that I’ve planted many years, months, weeks and days ago.

I want them to work but first I must put in the work.

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