Day 30: How do you eat an elephant? The short answer: you don’t.

Back during high school and even during my university days, teachers and lecturers would often throw this overused cliche at the class.

The typical answer to this unlikely problem is that you eat it one bite at a time.

The scenario of eating a whole elephant was supposed to be motivation for goal setting, for doing things incrementally because eventually, all your actions will stack up to a final, elephant sized result.

But as time passed, I began to question this strange quest to eat an elephant. Why is it even an elephant in the first place?

After a while, I decided that there is going to be an elephant either way, except I don’t want to eat it. I’ve always wondered how vegans and vegetarians feel when presented with this scenarios.

Then my mind took a turn and went on a different trajectory. If there is an elephant, why do I have to eat it alone? Why do I have to eat it at all? Is there, in some insane world, a market for elephant meat? Could I recruit some people to help me cut and pack the creature up? Besides, if the elephant is fresh, I’m going to need help either way.

Then there’s the issue of storage. Where would I put it? Then the selling aspect of things — how to I find the elephant eating niche? How do I turn up the temperature for leads?

I’ve decided that starting up a business is like trying to figure out what to do and how to deal with the elephant. Accepting the usual answer is the equivalent of getting a day job and sticking with it — but at some point, that elephant is going to go off faster than I can eat it. And that’s what a majority of people don’t see so they keep doing what they’re doing to get the results they’re getting whilst dreaming of an endless holiday in the Bahamas.

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