Day 29: Hold your head high, stand up straight and look people in the eye

I recently read that when a lobster loses a territory fight, its brain disintegrates and grows a new, much more submissive and fearful brain. The winning lobster, however, gets an overflow of serotonin that makes it feel like a big, buff champ.

The losing lobster doesn’t get to recover. Not really. The defeat means less serotonin and less serotonin means less daring to challenge and more likely to accept its new lowly state. The lobster that lost will scamper around the ocean floor with its body hunched over more than usual. He will hold a lack of confidence around him. The worst part is that the female lobsters will sense it too and it’s all downhill from there.

As humans, we often fall flat on our faces in circumstances of our own designs or that being beyond our control. However, unlike lobsters, how we react to that failure determines our future successes.

Lobsters don’t have a choice when they lose. It’s part of their nature and physiological makeup. Our human brains are much more developed and complex, capable of envisioning our ideal environment into reality.

And it’s all to do with how we react.

When we react negatively, we are like the lobster that lost, even if whatever we’re facing isn’t over yet. When we allow ourselves to be defeated and don’t pick ourselves up from the fall, our brains will envision the worst and skew the experiences and perspective of the situation down towards that end of the scale.

When we react positively in the face of adversity, we are like the winning lobster. There is hope. There is optimism. There is the possibility of victory. We allow ourselves to see it happen and so we act differently. We push a little bit harder. We move a little faster. We try things even if they might fail. We open ourselves up to opportunity and therefore increases our chances of good fortune windfall.

So hold your head high, stand up straight and look people in the eye. If you do this, you’re already walking down the winner’s path. Have pride in what you’re doing, even if business isn’t going well because the moment you start hunching over is the moment it all starts to go south.

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