Day 28: Going beyond the motivational YouTube videos

Gary Vee is one of those people that can get you pumped up in a heart beat but too much of him can actually cause a mental backlash.

I found that over the years, there have been people on YouTube that has inspired me towards action but never actually sustain it. I think it might be something to do with the fact that they only provide uplifting words to get the spirit all fired up but offers no fuel.

Motivational videos are only words when there are no actual actions attached. Sure, I may get my bum off my seat but then quickly regress back to my old habits. Over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to change my tactics.

Rather than getting hyped up on motivational videos, I’ve decided to search for people that give practical advice — those that aim to educate rather than motivate.

I’m not talking about the 10 minute listicle kind of videos. I’m talking about ones that goes on for at least 30 minutes, in dept analysis with viewers interaction live stream recording kind of videos. They’re harder to find but they exist and offer much more value than the usual 10 minute motivational videos can ever give.

They’re informational. They have real life experiences and struggles. They’re more than just a voice over with dramatic uplifting background music. The ones that were lived stream often get questions of struggles that someone along the same journey is facing and this person — this expert who’s actually experienced the same thing — offers a solution that they’ve personally used and has worked. Sometimes they tell you what didn’t work for them.

And with all that information, I can actually look at my own situation, apply and or adjust his experiences and actions to fit with what I’m doing.

So yes, binge on motivational videos if you want, but I don’t think they’re a sustainable source of fuel for action. I find that the more I watch someone doing the same thing as I am but further along the journey, the easier it is to do the things I need to do. It allows me to gauge where I am in my own journey in relation to my desired end goal.

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