Day 25: Embracing the Journey

25 days ago, I made a resolution. On day 3 was when I defined my desire in words. It came to me in my writing and use it as a reminder and a compass for what I want to achieve.

Today is day 25. I’ve jumped between different ideas, talked to different people and got a few freelance projects that are near the finish line.

After that, there is no guaranteed income.

In the traditional world, not having a job is beginning of the end.

Back when I was about ten, my entire family thought that my aunt had made the biggest mistake in her life. While they were nice to her face, except as a child, I got to hear their real opinions on the matter.

She had quit her nursing job to work full time on her side business selling nutritional supplements. Not only that, she just finished her masters degree, got offered a secure teaching position, is happily married to a man that worked an office job and her young son just started preschool.

To everyone, she was throwing her entire life away. It didn’t help that her husband joined her.

Except they’re not wrong in that aspect.

She did throw her entire life but it was intentional and necessary. She did it in order to make way for something she believed is bigger and better. She did it because she saw an opportunity and took it.

Fast forward a decade and a half later and she’s now travelling first class to Europe, Asia, parts of the Americas. She drives a Mercedes and makes sure that her son doesn’t have to worry about a student loan.

In the beginning, she made small profits and losses in accordance to the trends and seasons. Then, it seemed like one day, she managed to figure out her niche and suddenly an abundance of wealth flowed in her direction. It snowballed to something bigger than anyone imagined.

The family now only talks about her successes and excess wealth.

They brush aside the struggles she faced in the beginning — the losses, the stress, the sleepless nights, the long hours, the unpaid days and uncertainty she and her husband constantly faced. But she and her husband embraced it all. They accepted their situation. What they experienced had a direct co-relation to their decisions.

They knew it was only part of the journey and not the entire journey. If they had stopped the moment they starting failing or when things weren’t going as expected, that would have been the end of that journey. But they didn’t and kept on smiling while everyone else went on with their day jobs and routines.

She knew what she wanted and saw that what she was doing will never get her there.

And more than ten years later, she is further away from where she started and as close to where she wants to be financially. Everyone else however, remained the same or had little change.

So here I am at day 25 and bracing myself for the long future to come. It all starts here and when I am where I want to be, I will remember this moment — the moment where cash flow is uncertain but everything else is slowly aligning for me.

The traditional path won’t get me to where I want to be and this I must remember when the doubt creeps in, on the nights when everything seems futile and days when things aren’t going as expected.

I just need to remember that what I want to achieve is bigger than a LinkedIn resume will ever hold.

Today is just one day and tomorrow is another day, and eventually, it will all add up to where I will be a decade from now.

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