Day 24: Being + Doing = Having

Today I stumbled across an interesting equation — Being + Doing = Having.

This concept focuses on the process and active moment rather than the end result.

Having something is a by product of our actions. To have something, we must be and do the things required to have that particular lifestyle, health, appearance, bank account, happiness, relationship and everything else you can think of.

For the having to be constant and permanent, the being and the doing must also match.

It is an equation of input, outputs and consistency.

What you put in will generate an equal amount in transformed output.

To have a healthy lifestyle, you have to be committed to living a healthy life and do the things that comes with it like eating healthy and exercising.

I thought about this concept and decided to define my personal having equation.

I want to have a life of freedom — where time is mine and finance is not a factor of worry. I want to be free to choose my projects and do the things I enjoy.

To achieve this, I have to transform my current state of being. I have to mindfully change my mindset to stop being time bound. As long as I am constrained to the concept of selling my personal time for money, I am as far away from my having as I am currently now.

Then there is the doing part. It supplements and complements being. If there is a mismatch between doing and being, it won’t generate the right sort of having. For my equation to be successful, my doing needs to endorse what my being has established.

When I sell my time for money, I am essentially creating things for others. I need to figure out a way to create things for me that will generate the outcome I’m after.

This equation is not about chasing the having. It’s about figuring out the process to be and doand the right combination of beand doin order to produce the desired result.

It’s about focusing on everything else but the end result because the end result is the by product of everything else existing and in action.

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