Day 23: My Journey is Not Their Journey

A few days ago, a notification popped up on my LinkedIn. It belonged to an old classmate that I used to be highly competitive with. She just started a new job as a project manager just as my current job is coming to a close.

Back in the day, we both wanted to be at the same end point and for a long time, with my team lead role, it seemed like I was getting there faster than her.

Except she reached that point before I did.

She used to panic about my apparent speed of progress and complained about her inadequacies to me. As I read her new job title, I began to panic.

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer wondering if the next week’s rent is going to be covered whilst stressing over everything else in between. If I had kept up with the recruiters, I would have had a job by now.

Except I didn’t. Instead, I drove them away in order to do my own thing.

I didn’t want just a job. I wanted a life and I decided to chose a non-traditional financial path. My original career goals back in University is not what my goals are now.

Getting a job in the traditional sense will take me further away from the my goal rather than towards it.

A part of me wants me to go back to my original path, but only because it is familiar. That path depicts a future that is expected of me and seems like the most natural progression. It was the path laid down for me by my parents, by my education Institution and by the expectations of everyone around me. At the time, I willingly accepted it without much thought or question.

But things have changed over the years and I’ve come to know myself better. It takes years to build anything in general and I’ve decided to start again at ground zero.

Except I’m not a blank slate. I’ve got better navigation skills, a better understanding of my environment and how the world works. I’m no longer blindly accepting my fate as it is. Instead, I’m proactively working to create my reality in the way I want it to be.

After gathering and calming myself down, I closed out of LinkedIn and went back to what I was doing.

Her journey is not my journey. We are going at different speeds, down different roads and to different destinations. I’ve decided to stop climbing the career ladder and create my own.

I just need to keep reminding myself this fact every time someone falls into good fortune on their chosen path – especially those on the traditional path.

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