Day 22: How are Digital Nomads doing it?

I’ve always been curious about how digital nomads magically survive without a proper 9–5 day job.

For a long time, I’ve dabbled into the idea of becoming a digital nomad myself. However, as time went by and circumstances changed, I knew that moving back Thailand, my birth country, or travelling around the world as I am is currently not an option.

But I’m still curious how digital nomads make money. If they’re travelling around Europe, they’re going to need at least $50-$100 a day for food, accommodation and travel at minimum. If they’re in Asia, then maybe $10-$30 a day. Unless you’ve got parents with deep pockets (which I don’t think everyone has), digital nomads are making it work somehow.

Working local temp jobs seems to be the common answer, second only to remote work. Others are making it by creating content.

For the interim, I’m going to try the remote work route to help pay the bills. There are projects I want to do and achieve, time I want to spend with my baby, things I want to do around the house, places I want to go and countries I want to travel to.

So here are some job sites I found that offers remote work.

If you’ve got programming chops, then this site is a goldmine of potential remote jobs. But it’s not limited to just techie jobs. They’ve got copywriter gigs, customer support and marketing things that you can potentially do.

This is the place where I found a remote gig that I liked and made the effort to apply to. Not sure if I’ll get it yet and still waiting for the reply, but it’s a first step in flexible hours and eliminating the need to spend 3 hours in traffic commute each day.

Similar to We Work Remotely, there is a range of developer, HR, sales and writing jobs here.

Virtual Vocations on first appearance looks like a jobs board. Their range is wide and jobs are actively posted by companies willing to telecommute.

It took me a while to figure out but the mother magic word for remote work is telecommute.

This one has a range of jobs with development being the most popular. They also have legal, admin, consulting, sales, marketing, finance and writing jobs.

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