Day 19: The Importance Of Customer Service

Today, I became THAT customer.

It often reminded me of the times I was answering angry customer calls during my early days. During training, I was told that no matter what, the customer has to walk away happy. It’s better to give them a refund or some sort of discount than have the issue fester.

It’s better to loose that $10, $15 or even $50 than have a customer that can unleash hell hath known no fury. You never know where they will go with their anger, what they can say or what they will do.

It’s better to appease their issue and offer a solution as quickly as possible because most of the time, they’re actually repeat customers that want the relationship to work.

Of course, there are the ones who try to take advantage of the situation and get whatever they can. Appease them too. They may be annoying and sometimes just plain rude, but make them happy too. You never know who they may influence. It might only be one or two people, but sometimes in tight knit communities, that’s all you need to be cut off from a group of people.

Appease them. They’re angry because the business has failed to live up to their expectations somehow. The customer is angry because the service they signed up for was not what they thought they were paying for.

Today I became THAT customer.

I called them.

I emailed them.

I tried Facebook messaging them.

I even started to post on their Facebook page but no one answered me — just the awkward ‘seen’ and no reply on messenger.

It’s been three days and pending. No one took care of my issue or even tried to resolve it. The worst part is they’ve just posted the massive delivery they did for another customer — a mountain of packages to be delivered and patting themselves on the back as being the chosen service.

I — the little customer — on the other hand was left unattended and completely ignored.

I don’t think I’ll ever use them again in the future, which is a bit of a pity because I could have been a good and consistent customer. I aim to grow so my measly few dozen of deliveries per week may actually turn into few hundreds.

Instead they chose to ignore me and now I’m THAT angry customer because I have angry customers.

Customer service is the voice and face of a company. They are the embodiment of what the company is. When the little people get ignored, collectively they are quite a big group. Ignore enough of the little people and you have the potential to lose out of a big customer base and much bigger potential as your customer grows.

So never ignore your customers.

Answer them when they message you or call them back if you tell them that you will. Reply to their emails and sound human. Be kind. You never know what’s happening on their end because your business failed to deliver what they’re expecting.

Don’t just look at their Facebook message and leave it at that because if you were on the other side of the line, imagine what you might do to get their attention to get the issue resolved.

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