Day 17: What I Need To Do Starting Today

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about my situation. Before my plans starts bearing fruit, I’m going to need something to pay the bills.

As I write something on Medium every day, my daily mantra stares back at me at the beginning and end of every post.

I no longer want to sell my time for survival. I want to build something that makes me a living.

But as I search for more freelance clients for a sense of financial safety and security, I find myself moving away from the very thing I’ve resolved to do.

For the interim I’m breaking even.

Freelancing sounded like a great thing in the beginning but as I get into it, it’s actually quite a scary process. I’m constantly wondering if the next invoice will be paid or paid on time. Will all my hard work go to waste? Will anyone hire me after this job is over? How many weeks in backup rent have I got left?

As the questions swirl inside my head at night, it suddenly hit me that I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time.

I’m worrying because my current life choices is not in alignment with what I want — freedom of time and income.

I want to do the things I enjoy without having to worry about the money. It seems like such a dream but dreams can be made into reality.

So I started to asses myself. Freelancing is an activity that sells my time for my service. However, if I were to create something that does not make me time bound to its existence, then I would be moving one step closer to my goals.

As a developer, I constantly consume the creations of other developers. There is also a strong demand for free and quality content. My knowledge is in demand. That’s why people want to hire me.

It takes 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers before I can begin to consider making anything from YouTube. Everyone wants to be a developer. Everyone wants free content. The best developers are the ones that constantly consume content to make themselves better in the field.

The authorities in the community are the ones that have enough confidence to give back — most of the time for free. I consider myself a pro at what I do when it comes to my trade and always wanted to get to that authority status, except I haven’t completed the final two steps — one is to give back by sharing my knowledge and two is to create original content.

I’m often encouraged by my juniors to create coding videos on YouTube as teaching material for their referencing. Now feels like the best time it will ever be for me to do so, even if my original team has dispersed and moved on to new adventures.

The title is self explanatory enough. I often read it as a reminder that in order to move away from selling my time I need to start creating. What I do today will eventually add up to the 4000 hours needed by YouTube to monetize. It’s one path to get me out of the rat race that I’m expected to participate in until the bills are paid.

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