Day 16: Success is in the System

The thing with freelancing is that I’m essentially selling my time for money — the very thing I’m trying to move away from.

However, for the interim, it is necessary to maintain the minimums of life. Rent has to be paid with a little extra enough money to put aside for man flu sick days. So for now I’m on the hunt for clients and remote work that will give me enough hours to work on The System.

I’m a developer by trade and I see everything as collection of processes that work together to generate money. A System is a connected series of process that runs together to generate a result.

Technology is one part of a system. People and their outputs is another part of a system. When technology, people and their outputs aligns with one another, that’s when the magic happens.

However, for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to be real, the processes will need to be tested together and fine tuned.

I want to create a System – but first I will need to figure out exactly what I want to achieve with this System. I will need to draft and develop the technology. I need to decide what external technologies am I using. Then I will need to figure out the human parts of the System, then test them all together as one unit.

At first, I will most likely fail, sort of like the first time I tried to ride a bike. In a way, I’m expecting it to fail because I’m creating an entire System from scratch. No one can ride a bicycle like a pro on the first go. It took me a bit of stumbling, a good amount of fear and grass stained knees before I figured out how to balance and peddle at the same time.

So when I fail, that’s when I can try again, changing just enough and learning from what went wrong. I will then probably fail again and again and again. Then after when I’ve failed enough, a light bulb of understanding will eventually switch on. Something inside me will click, just like that moment I finally found myself riding my bike after 2 hours in a paddock with some sheep.

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