Day 15: Lessons Learnt from Dying to 3 Archers Riding on Camels

When I was ten, I used to be a god at Age of Empires.

Hours of my youth was spent playing the game, so when my former IT team decided that we all should play against each other, I decided to finally jump in.

The game, although not the exact same version, is very much like what I played as a kid. But after dying to three archers riding on camel back, it made me question my memory and feelings towards the game in general.

The difference between then and now was that I was playing against the computer, whereas with these games, I’m playing against real people — someone, somewhere, on the other side of my internet connection is sitting in front of a computer and make decisions on how to destroy my carefully created villagers.

Here are some lessons I learnt after my third defeat within less than 15 minutes — weather it be by horseback riding knights, catapult elephants or even archers on camels.

What used to work in the past doesn’t mean it’ll work in the present

Just because a certain method or path worked for a particular moment in a particular set of circumstances, it doesn’t always guarantee that what worked in the past will work in exactly the same way as the present.

There’s always something different, something about the current situation that makes doing things the original way the worse thing I can do.

Not only that, if it’s been a long time, my memory of what I did in the past may not be as correct.

It’s better to just go with the flow, using the past as my guide but not my ultimate blueprint on how to do things because that was how I died within 5 minutes for the first two games.

Hubris can be a good source of motivation

Hubris is defined as having excessive pride or self confidence in something.

My hubris due to my childhood experiences with the game has led to be highly competitive, pushing me to strive for the destruction of my in-game enemies.

Hubris can be a good source of motivation in other parts of life too, when applied to the right things. It pushes you to want to be the best and do better than what you’re doing now. If there is no one better than you, then you are essentially competing against yourself.

It’s good to experience defeat every now and then

Because every now and then I need to be reminded that I’m not the best, even if my memories serves me otherwise.

It’s good to fall off my high horse now and again. It forces me to reassess my skills and actual situation on hand. It de-centralizes my sense of reality and gets me from a different perspective.

Life doesn’t always have to be so serious

When you see everything as a game, life becomes like a game. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes, you just need to step back and look up some YouTube videos before trying again.

Even when the game ends, there is the chance to start again. I find that it’s the same with life in general. When things end, it means you have a chance to start something new.

If you want to win, you’ll have to micro manage

Like the game, I need to be constantly aware of what I’m doing and if I’m mindfully doing it. It’s one thing to let my villagers do their own thing, but if they’re just standing idle, then that is the deciding factor between win or defeat.

Micro managing seems like such a dirty word. However, I’m talking about micro-managing myself, my time and my attention. It’s easy to get distracted by YouTube and become that idle villager that’s supposed to be gathering food but instead just stands around doing nothing. While it might not seem like a big thing that the potential resources gathered could mean the difference in the battle field.

Life is the same. If I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, then time is wasted, along with the potential of what it could have been.

Sometimes, you just have to keep jumping into the deep end

Starting on the shallow end didn’t teach me to swim when I was a kid. Instead, it kept me in the shallow end for months.

Only did I venture out into the deeper end and suckered up my courage to play with the other kids in the water did I finally learnt how to swim.

I didn’t do the tutorials. I didn’t read the guides. I just jumped right into the live games and I’ve learnt so much more in such a sort space of time.

Sometimes, I just have to jump right into the deep end so I can fail fast in order to learn fast.

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