Day 14: You will always have time for the things that are most important

It’s easy to fall wayside, especially when you’re in command of your own hours.

In fact, it’s easy to fall wayside when you’re working a 40 hour job.

Or if you’ve got a family to take care of, chores to do, things to read and watch, Facebook feeds to scroll through and all the tiny little things that eventually adds up to be your day.

The truth is that we fall wayside because we don’t prioritise what’s most important to us.

We fall wayside because we think that it’ll only take a moment or two — then those moments turns into three and four. Before we know it, we’ve spent an hour and a half on the weird side of YouTube watching cats being scared by cucumbers. It’s happened. We’ve all been there, in one form or another.

There will always be excuses when we aren’t clear on what’s most important to us.

There will always be something better to do, at that very moment, when we fail to prioritise our true desires and goals over the momentary distractions of everything around us.

Each time we get waysided by distractions and unimportant things, then we remain stationary.

When we are clear on what we want and make a concious effort to stay laser focused on the task, things get done and we move forward.

And when we move forward, we make progress.

Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve will be a long game so keep doing to keep moving. Because at the end of the day, if it’s important enough then you’ll always have time for it.

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