Day 12: Adapt or Die

“Adapt or die” — wrote a wise man on his Facebook feed.

Adapt or die — that is indeed a reality that we tend to ignore when it comes to living our lives.

We get comfortable with our stable jobs, our stable relationships, our stable everything. Then when something hits us unexpectedly — a company closure, a death in the family, the unexpected end of something that you may think is forever — we have to adapt to our new environment or lose ourselves in an eternal pit of self pity and woe.

Adapt or die — there is a theory called the Red Queen effect and it proposes that living things must constantly adapt, evolve and thrive, not just for reproductive advantages but also to survive in an ever changing environment with competitors who are also constantly evolving themselves.

Adapt or die — we get better each and every day as long as we’re learning and as long as we’re improving. Sometimes you might not get instant results but as long as you’re doing something, it will all add up over time.

Adapt or die — it sounds so dramatic and morbid but there is truth in these three simple words. The world moves much faster now and we must move equally as fast in order to maintain the velocity we need to stay at where we are.

Adapt or die — or we can jump off the treadmill and do our own thing. We can adapt to our circumstances or do the things necessary to change our circumstances. Just because we know the rules doesn’t mean we have to play by the rules.

Adapt or die — there are many rules in the world and not one set is a perfect fit for everyone. Figure out the rules that works for you and run with it. Just because one thing is working for those around you doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you. The rules that works for your parents, for your friends, for your favorite writers and bloggers and lifestyle Instagramers may not work for you. You need figure out your own rules.

Adapt or die — then play the game and play it well. You are the master of your destiny, the commander of the cards in your hands. Cut your loses if there’s no chance or if you’ve got good poker face, you can try your luck and environment reading skills.

Adapt or die — there is a level of madness in doing things against the grain, to be brave enough to do something else that is different from the norm. It’s alright, everything will eventually fall into place even when it seems unlikely.

Adapt or die — because this is your life and you ultimately decide how to adapt to your environment and to your situation. You know you the best so keep doing what you need to do to get to where you need to be.

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