Day 10: Ask and you will get

No one is a mind reader.

Nor is other person in the business of mind reading.

We often expect others to know exactly what it is we want. We play coy. We skirt around the lines. We make ourselves seen but not quite enough that it communicates exactly what we want.

And then we complain that we’re not getting what we want.

We need to learn to speak our truth. We need to say it succinctly and precisely. We need to be honest and real because whatever we project into the world, we get it back.

Some call it karma. I call it proper communication.

The world is not against us. In fact, the world is doing everything that is in its power to help us. Whether it be in the form of opportunities or a helping hand. It sometimes comes in form of a friendly conversation, an outreach from someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in years.

The world is with you. The world is always with you.

You just need to tell it exactly what you want and you will get it. Sometimes it will appear in the form that you least expect it — but it will come. For some, nothing may make sense now because the pieces may not be quite right, but it all eventually fall into place.

You just need to wait, to be patient and not get side tracked by the little tiny details that are nothing more than tiny specks in your journey.

You need to keep your voice and keep telling it what you want — not what you think the world wants.

This is about you. It’s always been about you, so keep asking until you get the thing you’re asking for.

Because eventually, someone, somewhere, will be able to give the thing you want. It may not be right now. It may not be tomorrow. Or the day after that. But just keep asking because the moment you stop is the moment you might miss out what the thing you want.

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