All you need is 1000 days

To transform your zero influence status into something spectacular

One thousand days may sound like a lot — but it’s not really.

Mathematically, that’s 2.7 years — or the approximate length of a bachelor’s degree. A lot can happen in one thousand days or nothing at all.

Why 1000 days?

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered and followed a lot of new YouTubers. Most of them started out with a handful of fans. Many of them now have exploded upwards with at least half a million followers.

When I found Pick Up Limes, she only had 1000-ish subscribers. Rachel Aust was discovered on a random afternoon with about 15000-ish people in her community. Elise Ecklund only had about 2000 followers when I started watching her.

Now they’re all running full-time channels with sponsorship deals.

The common factor between them all is their commitment to consistently create quality content. All have also reached where their 500K+ following in about two and half years.

Success isn’t overnight

The thing about success stories is that you get all hyped up by it, then get discouraged when things don’t happen instantly. Perhaps it’s because we’re so used to everything being so instant and convenient that we don’t fully understand or appreciate the slowness of consistent work.

We’re too busy chasing the money, too busy dreaming the dream, too busy to sit down and just focus.

It’s hard to be consistent when we haven’t got the grit for it.

Yet, we are consistent in doing nothing. We choose the path of least resistance or go looking for it. We buy into quick tactics to boost our numbers and cheat our way to the top.

Except we’re not really at the top. We’ve just inflated our egos with a self-inflicted lie. We know it and that’s why we’re frustrated at our fake success. Some of us throw in the towel and go back to our day jobs. Some of us try another scheme, another method, another thing — anything — to become a superstar.

The answer to life is not 42, it’s consistency

We are what we consistently do. When we consistently chase a dream rather than focus on creating the dream, we remain chasers.

When we avoid doing the necessary things to get us to where we want to be, we play the role of the rabbit — darting around from one thing to the next. It may be fun at first but over time, we come to realize that we’re not really going anywhere in particular. We jump from job to job, city to city, project to project — all in hopes of starting again with a bigger and better clean slate.

But nothing has changed. You haven’t changed. You’ve just changed your scenery.

You can have all the tools you need — the latest camera, best keyboard, that overly expensive fountain pen — but if you are unable to create consistently, then it doesn’t really matter at all.

When creating is your main purpose, it doesn’t matter what tools you’ve got because you’ll always find a way to make it work. You don’t make excuses for yourself because you’re too busy working on getting things done.

Create a backlog

People are simple creatures. They like to binge on the things that makes them feel good.

When you consistently create, you are making a backlog of content for people to binge on. It gives you the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. The more content you have, the more opportunities you create for yourself, the more hooks you have for catching potential subscribers and followers.

To build an audience takes time. They need to discover you. They need time to recommend you. They need time come back and engage with your content.

Fame is a by-product

For content creators, fame is a by-product. Fame is the ability to collectively influence a group of people. Whatever the chosen platform is, a person’s ability to influence is through the content they create.

Without content, they are nothing.

Without content, there is nothing for their audience to engage with.

Without content, there is no hook, no reason to come back, no premise for a relationship.

Everyone wants to be famous but not ready to do the work required. It’s like being hired for a job but not doing anything when you go into the office. What’s the point? What’s the purpose?

1000 days of growth

1000 days is enough time to grow from nothing into something completely different. With every article you put out and video you upload, you are watering the seeds you’ve planted.

It takes about 70 to 100 days to grow a head of lettuce. It takes 2 years for a calf to turn into a fully mature cow. It takes about 3 years for babies to turn from completely helpless newborns into potentially self-sufficient and mobile little humans.

Your channel or blog is not an extreme makeover show where everything is transformed in 7 days. The best things takes time and the most dramatic changes happen when we’re not looking but too busy working.

Shortcuts are more like detours that might even get you lost. Stick to your goals and walk towards with consistency.

1000 days allows you to play the long game without the burnout of a 7 to 30 days sprint. It allows you to compound your successes and increase your trajectory. It’s more sustainable and you’ll end up going further because you kept creating, you kept interacting and you kept doing.

Your 1000 days can start at any moment. It doesn’t have to be on a special day or part of some new years resolution. You just have to begin and continue on that journey.

1000 days might be a bit of a hike but it’s good for your soul and the view is always something spectacular.

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