6 Reasons Why I’m Considering Saying Goodbye to Facebook

Yesterday I considered deleting Facebook from my phone. The thought made me pause for a moment and evaluate the reasons behind why I wanted to do so.

Here are 6 reasons why.

1. It’s getting boring

I’m sure I liked a variety of stuff on Facebook but unless there is cash pumped into the system, I don’t get to see them anymore.

Gone are the days were I see programming memes. Instead, there is a entire wall of news articles simply because I started to comment on some of them here and there. Now all its showing me is just that — more of the same in hopes to replicate the interaction again.

There is no novelty.

Just more of the same and if you interact with it enough, that’s all you’ll ever get — nothing more, nothing less.

2. The people

I’m sure it’s just not me that feels this way but everyone seems to be a keyboard warrior nowadays. If they’re not offended by lost in digital space joke, then it’s a sudden decline into personal attacks.

There is no discussion. There is no intelligence. Only a bunch of people thinking that they’re better, smarter and louder than you. They must be heard and agreed with — even if you make a valid comment. Asking them to clarify is like asking them to crucify you with a torrent of words beginning with c and f.

3. It’s become ultra superficial

Nothing feels real anymore. Likes, hearts, laughs and amazed faces feels like a passing acknowledgement of your existence.

The more pictures you post, the more competitive you get with yourself and others to post more for likes and hearts. Some people may enjoy the thrill of being acknowledge for the experience but I find the entire exercise futile — especially when you’re doing it for external rather than internal reasons.

4. It’s one big advertising machine

This is probably linked to point number 1.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of clicking on an advert — even if its by accident or out of genuine interest, you’ll never see the end of it.

I did that the other day and now I only see two things on my feed: adverts for bookkeeping and the national newspaper feed.

5. Everyone has a sad story

There is always someone having it rough, or breaking up, or not sure how to deal with money issues, or getting offended for their weight, height, skin color, hair style choices and sexual orientation. If it’s not politics, it’s someone getting angry at the world.

I go on Facebook to relax but instead I end up feeling more stressed out by the fake news and internet arguments.

I once tried to game the algorithm by only liking and commenting in a gardening group. Yet somehow angry vegans posting overtly biased managed to take over my news feed. There’s no escape.

Everyone is sad and angry on Facebook it seems — even if I don’t know or connected to them in any way.

6. It’s one of life’s biggest time sinks

Lets admit it — Facebook sucks more time out of your day than anything. The idle addiction is real.

An hour on the train or bus, another hour in front of the TV, maybe during dinner and perhaps a little bit more before bed — you’re always glued to your phone and if its not Facebook, then its Snapchat, Instagram or some other social media app.

It’s one big time sink.

Time just disappears at the snap of your fingers. It feels very important at the time but internally, deep down, you know that its not contributing much to anything in particular except for perhaps taking time away from the things that you’ve always wanted to do, the places where you’ve always wanted to go, the time you’re always complaining about not having enough.

Will I delete Facebook from my phone?


I’m getting rather close to it since it doesn’t add value to my existence.

However, there are a few groups that I go into (such as the gardening groups) to decompress.

I don’t know what it is but Facebook only wants to show me the sad and angry kind of things. I have to physically and mindfully search for the things I want to see in order to see it.

Perhaps I’m part of some algorithm human experiment. It’s known to be done in the past.

Perhaps I’m not.

Who knows anymore.

All I know is that it’s not making me happy and only sapping away whatever time that’s left of my youth and what little time I have left after a day spent taking care of the toddler.

There are dreams I want to make realities. There are places I want to go. There are experiences I want to have.

And being on Facebook will certainly not get me there.

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